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About DHB Valves Inc.

DHB Valves Inc. (R.B.Q. approved) is a specialized firm in the repair, reconditioning and sales of all types of valves and standards (DIN, ANSI, JIS, DS). DHB Valves also specializes in custom design work or modifications for your aftermarket needs to suit your unique requirements. All valves rebuilt by DHB Valves are final tested and set in compliance with codes and standards on our test bench facilities having 600 PSI steam, 10 000 PSI hydraulics and 3 000 PSI air/gas. With over 30 years of experience DHB Valves is one of the top valve repair shops in the industry and the exclusive Durco Black Tie Repair Center for all Eastern Canada. That’s why DHB Valves is at the Heart of Valves.


“DHB wants to be the best valve repair shop to keep people and the environment safe. Behind every valve there is an operator and every valve can have an environmental impact. From safety valves (R.B.Q. Approved) to control valves, DHB Valves guarantees quality work to help our customers keep their employees safe, help prevent environmental incidents and keep their operations flowing smoothly. Therefore, it is DHB Valves Inc.’s policy to consistently provide quality services that exceed customer expectations.”

For the Love of Valves