Valve Sales

Our scope expands beyond valve repair and testing. DHB also sells a variety of valves for those times when repair isn’t an economical option.

DHB Valves offers the entire range of valve repair services
We evaluate each valve and the varying degrees of work needed, then recommend the best option — whether that be a repair or a new purchase.


We take pride in being able to offer our clients the lowest overall cost of ownership by utilizing our 40+ years of expertise and tailoring our recommendations to each application that comes our way.

You can be confident that every single product that leaves our doors will be tested to the specified standards and tailored to provide you with a solution that will last.

Official Curtis Wright Valve Group Distributor

Official Curtis Wright Valve Group Distributor — Farris Engineering

DHB is the official distributor of CW Valve Group products throughout Québec. These products include Farris Engineering pressure relief valves, Solent & Pratt butterfly valves, and the Phönix Group line of products.

DHB sells valves, actuation, and a variety of accessory products.

Your Industrial Valve Service & Sales Specialists